Here’s Your Chance to Try Icelandic Cuisine

Icelandic salted cod.
Icelandic salted cod. Photo: Regan

If you have a hankering for Icelandic food, make haste to Rialto from March 18 until 22. Rialto, you say? The posh Italian jewel nestled in the Charles Hotel? Why yes! For five days Jody Adams will open her kitchen to Chef Jóhannes Jóhannesson, the co-owner and head Chef at Reykjavik’s noted Seafood Cellar Restaurant. What he’s serving, straight ahead.

The four-course, $85 menu can be had by calling Rialto to reserve and includes:

Salted cod from Elvar Reykjalín with apples, celeriac and red currant

Fried Icelandic langoustine lobster with cauliflower in variations, winter truffle and brown butter

Filet of Icelandic mountain lamb with beetroot, goat’s cheese, onion and lamb jus

Icelandic skyr with raspberries, mascarpone ice cream, dried white chocolate and dill

It’s part of a larger Taste of Iceland festival happening in Cambridge all weekend long, which includes a performance by Icelandic famous string quartet amiina at The Middle East; a guest appearance by Icelandic DJ Baldur at RISE and Think Tank; and a free double-feature Icelandic Film Festival at the Kendall Square Cinema. Just one question: Where’s Bjork?

Here’s Your Chance to Try Icelandic Cuisine