Frog Found in Can of Green Beans; Younger Siblings Suffer Less From Allergies

• A Kentucky woman found a dead frog in a can of green beans. He was no doubt overlooked thanks to his color; see, it’s not easy being green! [Lex 18]

• Not only do the youngest in families get more lenient parenting, those born later in the birth order are less susceptible to allergies, a study shows. No fair! [US News & World Report]

• With new options like Sensebowl, Glaze Terikyaki Grill, and Social Eatz, we can officially declare Asian fast food a trend! [NYP]

• Increased costs for coffee beans are trickling down: Starbucks just announced it’s raising prices on bags of beans by a dollar. [USAT]

• There’s tons of fear about food being contaminated with nuclear particles in Japan, though the government claims it’s safe. Meanwhile, instant ramen is being carted in to feed survivors. [Telegraph UK, NYT]

• Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr., frequently lambasted for their calorie bombs between buns, are introducing turkey burgers with fewer than 500 calories each. [USAT]