fRedhots and Fries Closes

Say goodbye to the "world's largest" Chicago-style hot dog.
Say goodbye to the "world's largest" Chicago-style hot dog.Photo: courtesy of Facebook

A few weeks ago, fRedhots and Fries sent out a message that it’d be closing for about a week for a “short vacation.” Hot dog stands taking week-long vacations is kind of an accepted thing here in Chicago, so we didn’t think anything about it at first. Sadly, the vacation lengthened to two weeks, and now, suddenly, it looks like they will be closing for good. A posting on their Facebook wall reads, “Sorry to announce that fRedhots will not be reopening.” The Chicago area has a lot of hot dog stands, but few that were as celebrated as this one. It was picked as one of LTHForum’s Great Neighborhood Restaurants and had a great writeup from Michael Nagrant. [Facebook]