Fonda Nolita Prepares to Go Full-Service

Fonda Nolita.

At Tuesday's Community Board 2 meeting, Fonda Nolita was recommended at long last for its beer-and-wine license: "There was not a single ounce of opposition," owner Dario Wolos tells us. He has agreed to CB2's terms of closing at midnight Sunday through Wednesday and 1 a.m. Thursday through Saturday, and says he's now on "the fast track to getting beer and wine license" (as usual, the State Liquor Authority has the final say). In the hopes of rolling out alcohol on Cinco de Mayo, Wolos is starting to arrange production of his locally made Mexican-style beers that will hopefully come from Kelso. And he's thinking big.

"We’re going to have a special way of serving the beers. In Mexico they sell these 40-ouncers of Sol with four glasses for sharing." Also coming up: that coffee bar we mentioned previously, with desserts from pastry chef and Batali vet Brandy Mursch; not one but two Tacombis on NYC streets this summer; and a new baja-style fried-fish taco in a mustard-beer batter, which drops this weekend.