First Look at the Mussel Pot, Now Serving Buffalo Mussels

Photo: Melissa Hom

If you’re taking a break from eating sushi, maybe switch to mussels? As we announced last week, the Mussel Pot will serve “Texan” moules (to name just one variety). “Mussels are always done the same way,” chef Ronnie Esposito tells us. “I wanted to infuse classic comfort food into the mussels with some hearty, rich sauces instead of just broths.” Hence, pulled pork and barbecue sauce. If the menu below is whimsical, the restaurant’s interior is more demure (it’s adorned with only mirrors and handmade chandeliers). But as you can see in our slideshow, the grotto-esque back garden — fitted with mossy stones, cascading vegetation, a waterfall, and a Koi pond — screams date spot.

The Mussel Pot Menu [PDF]

The Mussel Pot, 174 Bleecker St., nr. Sullivan St.; 212-260-2700