El Bulli 1.0 to Go Out With 48-Course Bang

Photo: Richard Vines/Bloomberg

After spending half the year creating new dishes at his Barcelona workshop and laboratory, Ferran Adrià, the Mick Jagger of the culinary world, is going to close El Bulli as epically as humanly possible. Between now and July 30, if you’re among the lucky few to have snagged a reservation or been invited to dine (as Bloomberg writer Richard Vines was), you’ll enjoy a 48-course tasting menu, up from the standard 40-courser Adria’s been doing the past few years. El Bulli, as previously discussed, will be closing until 2014 at which point El Bulli 2.0 will become an invite-only culinary think tank. Meanwhile, Adrià will begin teaching at the new Basque Culinary Centre in September, and he and his brother are opening both a cocktail and a tapas bar in Barcelona.

El Bulli Prepares to Close With 48-Course Blockbuster Menu
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