Eating Grilled Bat; Craft Beer Sales Up 12 Percent in 2010

• One restaurant owner ate grilled bat in the Seychelles and declared it “the single worst thing I have ever eaten in my entire life.” [NYT]

• Thinking of opening a restaurant? Here’s some advice, including: learn the biz, prepare for stress, and “sacrifice your social life.” Still keen? [In Charge/WSJ]

• Wipe off that bitter-beer face and stick your snout into a bottle of good brew: Craft beer sales rose by 12 percent in 2010. [Denver Business Journal]

• Remember that brawl that erupted last week when one MTA passenger was eating spaghetti? Now the agency is talking about a ban on food and drinks. Thanks a lot, people! [NBC New York]

• The office of Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer got a little confused recently and thought it was 1974. You can learn about the winners of the composting contest he sponsored here. [DNA Info]

• Think it’s hard to lose weight when you’re writing or blogging or just thinking about food all the time (tell us about it!)? Well, writer Peter Kaminsky did it, and he shares some tips. [NYDN]