Death & Co. Will Come Back to Life Monday at the Latest

Enter not here (for now, anyway).
Enter not here (for now, anyway). Photo: Ben Ritter

Yesterday EV Grieve brought the lamentable news that Death & Co. was forced to temporarily close thanks to SLA slowness in renewing its liquor license. We checked in to see if the cocktail lair had reopened last night as planned, and manager Frankie Rodriguez e-mailed back to let us know exactly what’s what.

Our renewal finally went through this morning. Unfortunately we can not sell liquor until we have the original license here, which was mailed out this morning. I’m praying it gets here tomorrow. Monday the latest.

But chin up, cocktailians. In the meantime, you can just head over to nearby PDT to satisfy your high-end tippling needs. (See, Jim Meehan? We do mention you.)