Daily News on Teen Toque: More ‘Bib’ Than ‘Bieber’

Photo: NYP

Yesterday BlackBook penned a mixed review of 15-year-old Greg Grossmans pop-up dinner (the scallops on roasted tomato dish was full of hits and misses, but a quartet of tastings made Grossmans title of Wunderkind seem earned). Today, Gatecrasher is a lot less kind: A frozen concoction made with carrot, Stilton cheese and cardamom, had diners thinking bib not Bieber, and a crestfallen Grossman watched as the majority of the creations were returned to the kitchen, barely touched. Also, though Grossmans mom says they turned down a reality-TV opportunity, a source close to the producers says theyre the ones who passed on it. Hang in there, kid we dont want to see you on a Food Network show about fallen child chef stars.

Kid chef Greg Grossman failed to wow VIP guests with five-course meal, reality TV plans on hold [NYDN]