More Airline Snacks Bite the Dust


Are you one of the many freeloaders who has bought an $800 cross-country plane ticket, trudged to, like, Newark, and suffered the endless barrage of injustice that’s inflicted at airport security just because you know that at some point on board those suckers in the airline industry will give you a tiny bag of free pretzels? Maybe even two bags, as happened to us on a flight the other week — those saps! Well Continental’s on to you and says the free ride’s over. They just can’t deal with the costs anymore! According to USA Today, Continental announced this week that they’ll stop serving free snacks to people in coach, leaving Delta as the only legacy airline that maintains the practice of actually just offering you something to nibble on while you’re stuck for hours in a giant, germ-filled metal tube that’s 30,000 feet up in the sky. [USAT]