Rosa Mexicano to Pilot Celiebo Gluten-Free Certification Program

Photo: Courtesy Celiebo

With the ranks of the gluten-intolerant on the rise, there’s now a gluten-free restaurant-certification program, called Celiebo. A rep tells us the Rosa Mexicano mini-chain will serve as the pilot (rolling out in a few weeks), which seems like a good fit, since Mexican food is already fairly celiac-friendly with the option of corn tortillas factored in (in fact, Dario Wolos over at Fonda Nolita recently alerted us that he now can do gluten-free tacos, if that’s your thing). Still, Celiebo teaches restaurants how to prepare specific gluten-free dishes in “an environment free of cross-contamination,” which we didn’t even know was an issue. Upcoming NYC restaurants slated to be certified soon are Nizza, Bistango, and Sambuca. So now you’ll know where to take your gluten-free friends. For the vegans, you’re still on your own.