Cardboard Food Packages Toxic; Some NYC Food Trucks Rolling Again

• Recycling’s first downside ever has been found: Toxic chemicals coming from recycled newspapers, with the unwieldy scientific name of “mineral oils,” might be present in many cardboard food packages. [BBC]

• Some food trucks are rolling again after the long winter. Here’s an update on the status of some citywide favorites. [New York Street Food]

• As more couples seek wedding-registry alternatives, FoodieRegistry has cropped up, letting betrothed parties opt to ask for restaurant meals instead. [NRN]

• Dude, spike your hair and put your sunglasses backwards on your neck before you check out these rockin’ Guy Fieri barbecue sauces! [Guy Fieri]

• Yet more evidence for the Mediterranean diet; just make sure you know the prices if you’re planning to make a bunch of dishes with eggplant! [WSJ]

• The International Association of Culinary Professionals has announced its yearly nominations for the best food writing and cookbooks. [IACP]