Brownie Points

Photo: Danny Kim/New York Magazine

Kermit Perlmutter started baking brownies as a hobby. His wife — who (full disclosure) is a former New York editor — fell for them before she fell for him (he brought them to the party where they met). He has been known, on occasion, to lard them with candied bacon for a subtle porky effect. But only recently has he started selling these super-fudgy specimens retail, and for now, they can be found, pork-free, alas, in just one place: Joe’s Columbia University outpost, where the things are undoubtedly contributing to many an undergrad’s freshman fifteen. They’re smooth and rich, made with unsweetened Callebaut chocolate and lots of butter, plus a bit more salt than is the norm. Production is tiny, and they tend to sell out quick, but brownie fanatics have ventured farther than Morningside Heights for a fix.

Joe, 550 W. 120th St., at Broadway; 212-851-9101