BREAKING: Alice Waters’s Daughter Fanny Will Occasionally Eat a Non-Organic Fruit

Photo: Lisa Linder/WSJ

“My mom would be displeased to know this, but, especially in the depths of winter, I’ll buy the one occasional non-organic fruit. As a child I was only allowed to eat passion fruit as a rare treat, partly as a function of their being expensive, partly because they’re imported. I’m going through a bit of a passion-fruit indulgence phase right now.” — Fanny Singer, Alice Waters’s 27-year-old daughter, in a profile in the Journal. She also reveals that she sometimes spends $150 on a dozen biodynamic limes (London’s expensive!), and when she was in grade school, her mom used to pack her “a really embarrassing soft cooler that was big enough for the seven different Tupperwares filled with the salad ingredients that had to be segregated until I was ready to eat.” [WSJ]