Bourdain Takes Beards Battle to Twitter

Photo: Melissa Hom

As Sam Sifton points out, the war between Bourdain and the Beards is still being waged, except now Bourdain has turned on Kat Kinsman, a food writer and member of the Beard Awards’ Journalism Committee who, in an Eatocracy post, asks Bourdain to “dust off his reading glasses, take a gander across the new horizons of food journalism, and perhaps stop showering the whole profession in his acidic assessment. In exchange, I’d promise not to lump him under the same umbrella as [Guy Fieri].” Via Twitter, Bourdain says he was clearly not talking about writers like Jonathan Gold, Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl, or Sam Sifton, but asks: “Is it alright to SOLICIT free meals,, services and vacations from subjects of your REVIEWS? Apparently so.” He continues: “So step up and REPORT on this 3 decade year old blight on your fucking profession!!”

Old hookers, cheap laughs and wild accusations - Anthony Bourdain weighs in on the James Beard Awards [Eatocracy]