Bento Burger Will Offer Bulgogi Burgers in the ‘Grimy Future’


Looks like Blade Runner–inspired dining rooms are here to stay. First there was FoodParc from the movie’s set designer Syd Mead, and now Miguel Calvo, who designed Cienfuegos and produced the Hendricks pop-up, tells us he’s redoing the former Waikiki Wally’s and Marfa space with the movie in mind. Unlike the mod, minimalist FoodParc, Calvo tells us his design will be “straight-up roadhouse — it’s meant to be a grimy future.” To that end: The wall of graffiti you see here, a “clusterfuck chandelier” of neon signs, and a communal table made from bento boxes. But why bento boxes?

Well, owner Hayne Suthon (of the adjoining Lucky Cheng’s) is naming the place Bento Burger, and the Asian burgers (there’ll be tuna and bulgogi varieties, and you can chose from Chinese or other types of buns) will be served in bento boxes along with Asian slaw, green beans, and other trimmings and sides. Expect an opening in late April.

Bento Burger, 101 E. 2nd St., nr. First Ave.; 212-673-8908