At Bagatelle Beaumarchais, the Brunch Party Rages On

Fear not, brunch partiers: Little here has changed.
Fear not, brunch partiers: Little here has changed.

When word got out that Bistro Bagatelle closed last Sunday and reopened on Friday as Brasserie Beaumarchais, we wondered what that meant for the signature boozy brunch. Grub Street stopped by yesterday to check it out and fear not, brunchgoers: The Beaumarchais brunch is still bumping Bagatelle-style. Partners Remi Laba and Ameryic Clemente may have taken the name with them, but upon asking the waiters and maître d’ what’s changed, they all scoffed and said the only changes were new uniforms and banquette upholstery going from blue to red. Beaumarchais has apparently added a few new meat dishes to the dinner menu, but the brunch menu — and all that goes with it: techno remixes of feel-good oldies and pop, massive bottles of rosé served with fanfare, and a largely Euro clientele dancing on tables — remains the same. Brunch crisis avoided!

Bagatelle and Its Boozy Brunches to Live Again