Mike D Steps Up His Wine-Reviewing Game

What pairs well with B-Boy Bouillabaisse?
What pairs well with B-Boy Bouillabaisse? Photo: Jason Kempin/Getty Images

A curious guest blogger has popped up on wine critic James Suckling’s new website: One Michael Diamond, he of the Beastie Boys. (Is he gunning to be the next Wine Advocate?) In his first post to “Mike D’s Blog,” Diamond heads over to Ssäm Bar and checks out a half-bottle of 1er Cru Burgundy. His take? “Ripe fruits, earthy notes, even a little bit of refined funk. Elegant and restrained with well-balanced tension. 93 points.” Refined funk! 93 points! The guy’s been a serious wine enthusiast for some time, but if we’re being honest, it sort of depresses us — it’s really a reminder that one of the guys who made Paul’s Boutique is now just another old, rich white dude who’s into wine. [James Suckling]