Will Mile End Open a Place in Manhattan This Summer?

Photo: Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine

Noah Bernamoff of year-old Mile End kept things vague when he recently shared his thoughts on expansion with Eater: “I think it would be tough to do dinner in multiple locations, because of how personal it is, and dinner would not be nearly as good if it were not for Aaron. But, could I see selling smoked meat sandwiches at other spots? For sure.” Now the Carroll Gardens Patch says that in addition to planning to sell packaged food like veal sausage at Whole Foods, Bernamoff is “hoping to have a second restaurant opening this summer. He wants it to be in Manhattan.” Bernamoff had told Eater that a new location would be located “not necessarily [in] the East Village, but somewhere downtown”; he tells the Patch that he’s thinking “somewhere that’s as busy at midnight as it is at noon.” Yay. Maybe we’ll finally be able to grab dinner there on a Tuesday!

Mile End: The Smoked Meat Empire Expands [Carroll Gardens Patch]