Who’s the Next Flavor of Ben & Jerry’s Going to Be Named After?

Photo: PatrickMcMullan, B&J photo courtesy Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerrys tells us that a special guest (they wont say who) will join Ben and Jerry themselves in making a surprise announcement on Wednesday. The press conference will occur at 30 Rock, and while its true that Ben & Jerrys has offices as well as a scoop shop there, were wondering whether it means the guest will be an NBC personality? Were pretty sure Tracy Jordans Adulteraisin flavor isnt coming to life, and were thinking Jay Leno is out after he made an on-air crack about Hubby Hubby: You know, if you want to name an ice cream after gay marriage, why not just call it 'Ben & Jerry's'?" So maybe Jimmy Fallon? The cross-promotion-happy foodie literally sang the ice creams praises in a skit last year, and hes a champion of Fair Trade goods. Maybe Jimmies Fallon (with chocolate jimmies) is in the works? Then again, Charlie Sheen is looking for opportunities Do share your predictions and your greatest hopes in the comments.

Update: Yup, the New Ben & Jerrys Flavor Was Inspired by Jimmy Fallon, and It Involves Potato-Chip Clusters