Hey, Lover: Here’s Your Valentine’s Playbook

Now in edible form.
Now in edible form. Photo: Melissa Hom

Whether you’re single or paired up, it’s time to face the violin music: Valentine’s Day is a week from Monday! Cupid’s elves here at nymag.com have been hard at work tracking down options for prix fixe dinners, shareable dishes for googly eyed duos, and a slideshow of sweets for your sweet (also suitable for a singleton’s self-pity binge). Should all of that make you say “blech,” we’ve zeroed in on some “class-y” ways to celebrate (a wine-and-food-pairing seminar, perhaps?), and anti-Valentine’s options, too, like this Happy Fu$$ing Valentine’s Day wine party. Come to think of it, we wonder if there are still tickets left for that …

The Valentine’s Playbook [NYM]