Watch PETA’s Porn-Tastic New Veggie Video


Ron Jeremy is quickly becoming a food-world superstar, so it only makes sense that PETA would resort to a porn video to promote its anti-meat agenda. Here’s the deal: Way back in 2009, PETA released a Super Bowl ad called “Veggie Love” that was “banned” from the NBC broadcast. Of course, PETA designed it to be banned just to drum up publicity. Well, it worked, but we guess PETA feels like the buzz has worn off (after only two years!). That’s why they’ve just released the casting-couch “outtakes” from that shoot. The NSFW video (and our thoughts on it), straight ahead.

Look, we’re no prudes. But this video makes even us feel gross. (Though we’ll give PETA this: It’s still better than those new anti-soda ads that are running in New York.) Really, it doesn’t make us any more interested in eating vegetables, or less interested in eating meat. If anything, it just makes us concerned that the next cucumber we eat might have an STD. Ick. We’re going to go take a shower now.

Veggie Love Casting Session [PETA via Buzzfeed]