Two Boots Manager Gets Hosed in Heist?


According to the Villager, Efrain Aquino Jr., who's been a manager at the Two Boots on Greenwich Avenue for sixteen years, was at the bank on Monday morning making change for his register when a possibly armed robber burst in. Since the teller wasn’t around, Aquino valiantly appeased the man by giving him the money he’d brought in. The Villager thinks Capital One should reimburse him even though he hadn’t yet deposited the $846 (“Two Boots Pizza, a local hangout featuring a pizza cuisine fusion of two geographic boots, Italy and Louisiana, doesn’t have profits anywhere nearly as stratospheric as Capital One”), but the bank, which initially told Aquino it wasn’t responsible, still hasn’t made a final decision. Meanwhile, the Post reported earlier this week that a gunman robbed the Blarney Cove of $1,000. We’re amazed that dive had that much in the register!

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