This Is Definitely, Positively the Most Preposterous Meal of All-Time

Yes, those are raccoon kabobs.
Yes, those are raccoon kabobs. Photo: Levy's Unique

In his New York Diet, our beloved Baron Ambrosia dropped into a Bronx Rotary Club dinner, so it’s clear the man’s cravings (and his hot-pink hot rod) take him beyond simple restaurants. But this is preposterous! Recently, the Baron commandeered the abandoned Bronx Borough Courthouse for a secret dinner of animals that had been locally trapped for their fur. Matt Levy of Levys’ Unique New York and Emily Weinstein of Diner’s Journal recount a feast of possum, beaver in pig skin, raccoon confit, otter, and muskrat — with water-bug salad and some pipe smoking thrown in, naturellement. Check it out, but be warned: The post contains graphic beaver shots.

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