They’re Serving Grasshopper Tacos in the Mission, and People Like Them

Photo: SFist

As one Boston-based, bug-eating professor recently told the Boston Phoenix, “Many people will embrace insect foods only when their usual food choices become problematic.” With such a plethora of other lovely options here in the Bay Area, it’s curious then that La Oaxaquena has gone ahead and put chapuline (grasshopper) tacos on the menu, but then again San Franciscans are generally game for trying anything once.

Writer Renée Grelecki may make a face before taking her first bite of one, but then she tells SFist it’s “a wondrous, homage to sustainable eating… a light and wholesome meal that double in making you feel like a badass.” A word of caution to the fundamentalist locavores: These bugs are imported from Mexico (also available by the bag for $6), so you may have to do your own hunting (foraging?) if you want to eat a locally raised grasshopper taco.

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