The Graffiti-Graffit Complaint: Mehta Wants to Smash Nuñez’s Plates


Now that we’ve heard from both sides regarding the lawsuit that Jehangir Mehta brought against Jesús Nuñez, let’s have a look at the complaint itself. We’ve gotten our hands on it and, among other things, it points out that Mehta sent Nuñez a cease and desist letter in December, and presents as Exhibit C a Goodies First review of Graffit indicating that it’s “not to be confused with Jehangir Mehta’s Graffiti.” The complaint goes on to state, “Plaintiff’s restaurant has received phone calls from customers looking for Plaintiff’s restaurant while standing outside of Defendants’ restaurant.” Not only does Mehta want “compensatory damages for the injuries” he sustained because of this, but he wants his impostor to turn over everything that has the name Graffit on it so he can destroy it. That means menus, flyers, and even the plates! Read on.

Graffiti v. Graffit [PDF]