The Coca-Cola Recipe Crashes ‘This American Life’ Website


This week’s episode of “This American Life” was a doozy: Ira Glass & Co. unearthed what they think is an original recipe for Coca-Cola. It’s kind of a big deal! So … we were planning on linking to the story for you (and embedding the episode for those who haven’t heard it). But! The show’s site has been down all morning. Ooooh. We instantly wondered, Did Coca-Cola crash the site in order to prevent the episode from gaining more exposure? We even had a pun ready about Coke popping the show’s servers, etc. Well, sounds like that’s not exactly the case.

When we called Public Radio International, which distributes “This American Life,” they told us that the site went down because of a big spike in traffic (caused by the Coke episode’s popularity). The rep told us that the “TAL” web team is working hard to get the site up and running again. So far, it doesn’t look like they’ve had much luck, but we did track down an alternate link for the episode. So give the show a listen if you haven’t yet already. And, if you’ve tried the recipe, let us know how closely it approximates the Real Thing.

Original Recipe [TAL/CastRoller]