SinoSoul Prefers Puppies to Another F-ing Mac & Cheese Recipe

Photo: JSPatchwork via Flickr

Ouch! In typical no-holds-barred style, SinoSoul’s Tony Chen skewers L.A.’s food-writing community with a story titled “10 Posts I Don’t Want To Read on Your (Or My) Inconsequential Food Blog.” These include your tired mac-and-cheese recipes, boasts about munching cow dong and that “ugly fucker” eating it on TV, losing weight, “blogger circle jerks,” fast food, eating every item on a menu, and or watching Julie & Julia ‘til you blow your brains out. Confirming that he’s possibly the town’s funniest/angriest/meanest/bravest, and in the end, most honest food blogger, he spares no one, not even himself and the “99 fabulous free dinners” he’s written about. [SinoSoul]