Need a Valentine’s Date? Introducing the Men of the Meat Hook!

Photo: Mary-Louise Price

Has the sexy butcher trend now extended not just to the cleaver-wielders themselves, but also to anyone who works near raw meat? It seemed that way as we found ourselves checking out the Meat Hook’s slate of eligible bachelors as tweeted this afternoon. One washes dishes, one mops floors, and only a sole burly specimen seems to be an actual butcher, but as you can see in the calendar we made, his back is turned. Admittedly, each one is adorbs, especially that dishwasher (give us a call!), but really, we’ve seen photo evidence of the numerous hot-and-hairy Brooklyn guys working at the Meat Hook and only three are single? It just corroborates what we’ll be crying about tonight as we eat a lonely bowl of duck-heart soup and reread this article over and over.