Zarela, Comix, ApizzA, and Satsko on Eldridge Close; Yerba Buena DOH’d

Robert K. Chin
Robert K. Chin Photo: Bowery Boogie

Upper East Side institution and Mexican pioneer Zarela has closed after 23 years, owing to the burden of its $27,000 monthly rent plus $7,000 in monthly taxes. Owner Zarela Martinez (“the Queen,” according to Sue Torres, who tells the Daily News that “New York didn’t know what Mexican food was before Zarela came”) says she’s hoping to open a ”different concept” (but still Mexican) somewhere in the East Twenties in three or four months. Some other closings of note: Comic’s Comic reports that Comix has closed after four years (there’s an auction tomorrow), and Brooklyn Vegan is sorry to lose the only place that could ”take the sting out of all the common perils” of the typical comedy club. Meanwhile, EV Grieve finds out that ApizzA was closed by the Health Department (it’s now for sale), as was the East Village location of Yerba Buena, and Bowery Boogie reports that the tax man has seized Satsko on Eldridge.

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