Rick Bayless Accused of Blocking Blogging Critic on Twitter

Bayless breaking it down at Red O
Bayless breaking it down at Red O Photo: Hadley Tomicki

Is Rick Bayless blocking a blogger from reading his Tweets? OC Weekly says so. Apparently, Street Gourmet L.A., who had been highly critical of Bayless’ Hollywood restaurant Red O, wanted to check out how Rick’s recent trip to Baja was going when he found the following message: Could not follow user: You have been blocked from following this account at the request of the user. Bayless didn’t stymie the blogger following his heated talk about Red O’s cooking nor after said writer commented that the chef is a “poser extraordinaire” in a fracas involving Jonathan Gold, but the blogger is apparently already hot under the collar about this snub and promises more vitriol, when remarking, “He’s only tasted my Anaheim chile…The habanero is coming.” So, is this a real fight or something just being instigated in the interests of self-promotion? That is the question. All eyes are on Bayless for an answer. [OC Weekly]