Razor Clams Get the Spotlight; More iPad Ordering at Stacked

• "Wormlike" razor clams are cropping up on New York menus from Kin Shop to Lincoln. [NYT]

• New SoCal burger chain Stacked: Food Well Built will feature not buxom waitresses, as the name might suggest, but rather iPad ordering. [USAT]

• Bankrupt A&P; will close 32 supermarkets including three New York City–area Pathmarks. So get those bargains while you still can! [Crain's]

• Not content to conquer the world and places like Beijing's Forbidden City, Starbucks has contrived to get its coffee served in half a million hotel rooms. [USAT]

• U.S. food handouts were suspended in North Korea in 2009, but now the Obama administration is reviewing the country's requests for food amid worsening shortages, and the U.N. is conducting its own assessment as well. [Businessweek]

• Three kinds of Garden of Eatin tortilla chips have been recalled owing to undeclared allergens. [PR Newswire]

• Hundred-year-old Bronx-based seafood distributor M. Slavin & Sons isn't yet swimming with the fishes, but it has filed for bankruptcy. [Crain's]