The Randolph Plans Underground Music Venue

Photo: Melissa Hom

Considering that the bar is already staffed and owned by hot (sorry!) musicians, we’re not shocked to learn that the Randolph at Broome is branching into music. Co-owner Hari Nathan Kalyan (himself a jazz player) tells us his crew has secured the 2,500-square-foot basement space beneath Tropical bar, around the corner, and that they’re currently building “music practice studios with a live concert venue inside.”

“It’s definitely a passion project,” Kalyan told Grub Street, and he went on to paint a picture of what sounds like a starving artist’s utopia: “We’re sort of positioning it as a musician’s collective. They can grab coffee, meet their friends, go down to the practice space, meet like-minded people. We’re trying to foster a little more of an artistic, artisanal community.” The space isn’t approved for a liquor license at this point, so when it opens sometime in the spring, it’s likely those who attend and perform at the venue’s shows will have to do their boozing before and after at the Randolph. We hear a pickle back does wonders for stage fright.