Pizza Pro Declares Vito’s White Slice a Winner

Mozza, for once, doesn't top the list.
Mozza, for once, doesn't top the list. Photo: Arnold/Inuyaki via Flickr

It’s easy to slag off L.A.’s pizza (and L.A. for that matter) when you simply ingest the old stereotypes still being reprinted by people who know nothing of our city. Squid Ink introduces pizza expert (and nine-time World Pizza Champion) Tony Gemignani to five different pizza pies in L.A. and he mostly approves of every one. Funnily enough, Vito’s on LaCienega gets a bigger boost than “best of” list-mainstay Mozza, as the pizza pro declares a white pizza there “one of the best slices I’ve ever had. And I’ve had slices everywhere.” [Squid Ink/LAW]