Oporto Opening Friday With a Cure for Chick-Fil-A Malaise

Photo: Diongillard via Flickr

In his extensive New Yorker profile, Jonathan Gold expressed his love for the triple-carom: “the Cajun seafood restaurant that caters to Chinese customers and is run by Vietnamese from Texas.” Yesterday, Eater dropped the first word on something nearly as confusing: Oporto, a Portugese-influenced chicken burger chain from Australia that will open its first location this Friday in Rancho Cucamonga and plans two more locations in our area. So far it sounds like a chain with the potential to replace Chick-Fil-A for anyone who’s done with their fascist/fried ways, as Oporto specializes in chicken sandwiches made from grilled breasts featuring the chain’s proprietary blend of sauces like hot chili, lemon and herb, or BBQ. The chain started in Australia’s Bondi Beach and has since expanded to over 130 stores, while eying an international expansion. Will it make it in California? Check out the burger menu online and let us know what you think before it launches in L.A.

Oporto 8220 Haven Ave. Rancho Cucamonga.

Portuguese-Influenced Australian Chicken Burger Chain, Oporto, Comes to SoCal [Eater]