NYC Embraces Tea; Controversial Whale Meat and Shark’s Fin

With tea shops opening around the city and more attention being paid to this delicate brewed beverage, it might be time to coin the term "tea nerd." [NYP]

One Japanese school caused a controversy by serving whale meat as part of a "cultural" lunch week. Meanwhile, in some U.K. restaurants, shark's fin is off the menu. [Slashfood, Bloomberg]

America's most popular pizza topping is pepperoni, but like most foods Americans love, it's a bastardized ingredient it's definitely not Italian. Speaking of pizza, pie-makers are gearing up for the Super Bowl, one of the year's "five big pizza days." [NYT, USAT]

Even if Rulon Gardner, a competitor on The Biggest Loser, sheds some pounds, he might have trouble keeping them off since the restaurant he owns in Wyoming serves a one-and-a-half pound burger. [NYDN]

Wahoo, another reason to chug-a-lug: Researchers in Vienna have found red wine to be a possible treatment for type 2 diabetes. [Wine Spectator]

Today in sweets: Dunkin' Donuts has rolled out a limited-edition cocoa yeast flavor, while Cold Stone Creamery is serving warm desserts. [Serious Eats, NRN]