Nothing for the Girl From True Grit?

Photo: AMPAS

This week’s “Tipsy Diaries” is all about Oscar drinks! Frank Bruni asked four New York City bartenders to whip up drinks based on the Best Actor and Actress nominees. So! The drink named for Best Supporting Actor nom Jeremy Renner is made with Jameson, to reflect the Irish heritage of his character in The Town. The Black Swan–based Natalie Portman is both dark and light, has a feather pattern adorning its egg-white froth, and looks like it takes about as long to make as the Oscar ceremony does to broadcast. And, of course, there’s the James Franco, who’s nominated for 127 Hours. We’ll give the Hurricane Club’s Demetrios Saites credit for incorporating a rock, but if ever there were a time to serve a cocktail in a CamelBak, this was it. [NYT]