More New Yorkers Receiving Food Stamps; Kissing Can Trigger Food Allergies

• The number of New Yorkers on food stamps has hit a record 3 million, and nearly 2 million of those are in NYC. [NYDN]

• The opposite sex won't give you cooties, but kissing someone who's recently consumed an offending substance can trigger food allergies. [Opposing Views]

• Here's your obligatory periodic update about Dunkin' Donuts' domination: The chain is New York's fastest-growing retailer, with 466 stores in the five boroughs by recent count. [Crain's]

• After a scandal last month in which certain halal sausages in France were reported to contain pork, there's a lot of confusion among that country's Muslims about what constitutes halal, but no central body overseeing standards. [Time]

• Meanwhile thanks to drought in China, that country's wheat crop is at risk, which could affect the staple's global supply (and price). [Times of India]

• Better to switch to rice: The Philippines will import less rice than usual this year, which will likely cause the commodity's already low global prices to fall further. [WSJ]