Manhattan Diner Is Doomed; Resto Leon Is For Sale?

Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev

A Craigslist listing indicates that Resto Leon is offering up its $7,500 per month eight-year lease, liquor license, and sidewalk café. A manager at the French hideaway tells us that a previous sale is “no longer in progress” and wouldn’t comment as to whether or why Leon is currently on the market. For now, everything remains normal. On the Upper East Side, however, DNA Info reports that the city is losing another 24-hour greasy spoon; namely, the eleven-year-old Manhattan Diner on Broadway and 77th Street, which will close anywhere from two to six months from now to make way for a development.

Update: Resto Leon’s owner Thierry Rochard tells us, “The restaurant is not for sale at all. I know something has been posted on Craigslist but it’s not accurate.”