Love & Mole for Valentine’s Day

Photo: Arku via Flickr

You want Providence, we’re thinking Taco King. Fortunately, there’s a happy medium to be had this Valentine’s Day as detailed by Javier Cabral, the former “Teenage Glutster” who’s now found at a new website, The Glutster (they grow up so fast, don’t they?). Cabral takes a look at restaurants serving great Mexican food with atmospheres that are romantic (Serenata de Garibaldi) or at least pleasantly themed (La Huasteca). Your better half gets live music, dishes named like poems (La Huasteca again), and possibly flowers, while you get barbacoa, mole, and buñuelos. Sure, maybe Rivera is more like the love-child of Providence and Taco King, but it’s also about six times the price of Casita Mexicana’s $25 pre-fixe.

A Taco For Your Valentine: A List of Mexican Restaurants in L.A with Special Menus and Live Music To Serenade Them With [The Glutster]