Lindy & Grundy Power Up With More Press

Photo: L&G

By now, we know just about everything we possibly can know about L.A.’s first sustainable butchers, “Lindy & Grundy,” aka Erika Nakamura and Amelia Posada. Oh right, everything except what their food and store is like! The duo is still yet to open their eponymous butcher shop on Fairfax (which is now supposed to be opening this month) and yet they’ve been featured in just about every food publication in town, even in an L.A. Times story about appearing everywhere. Ramping up for Valentine’s Day, LAT’s Brand X looks at the married couple’s four-year romance today, retelling the familiar story about how they met at a drag show in Brooklyn and offering a hint on how to work with your lover without grazing their ring finger with your cleaver. We’re all for a totally sustainable butcher shop and are eager to eat their meat, but at this point, we’d be equally impressed if Lindy & Grundy was just some sort of Exit Through the Gift Shop-style gag screwing with the heads of every food writer in town.

Five Los Angeles Power Couples [Brand X/LAT]