Le Cirque Loses Executive Pastry Chef, But Is Doing ‘Quite Well’

Photo: PierrePoulin.com

We’ve heard, and Le Cirque has confirmed, that executive pastry chef Pierre Poulin (formerly of L’Absinthe) is on his way out. Here’s the statement from a restaurant rep: “After two years at the restaurant Pastry Chef Pierre Poulin will be moving on. Though [the restaurant is] currently seeking his replacement, the very talented Jihyun Mun (who has been with the restaurant for almost two years) will be overseeing the pastry program at Le Cirque in the interim.” If you’re thinking of applying for the job, rest assured you won’t be hopping aboard a sinking ship.

Though rumors that Le Cirque may leave its current location were recently validated by Sirio Maccioni himself, Sirio’s son Mauro assures us, “Le Cirque is actually still at One Beacon Court and doing quite well, and with every intention of staying here as business is getting much better.”

Elsewhere in pastry personnel, the Feast recently discovered that Michael White’s new hire, Robert Truitt, will be the pastry chef at all of his restaurants, and put a camera on the former Corton chef to see what he’s up to.