Lady Gaga’s Dude, Luc Carl, Scores Book Deal for The Drunk Diet

Photo: The Drunk Diet

According to Galley Cat, Lady Gaga love interest (and manager at St. Jeromes) Luc Carl has scored a book deal for The Drunk Diet, his groundbreaking memoir about how he was able to drop the weight, fine-tune his body, and still party every single night of the week. Its said to be an awe-inspiring tale of an ordinary rock n roll guy who managed to transform a lifestyle based around whiskey and 5:00 AM cheeseburgers into a wildly successful fitness regime. So how does he party down at Bowlmor and still stay in the 175-pound range? According to Carls website, its pretty simple, really: He runs about 20 to 40 miles a week, and occasionally does stuff like run up the steps of the Empire State Building. Oh, and this.

I went 30 days without drinking beer. When I say Im not drinking beer, it doesnt mean Im not drinking. I means Im not drinking beer or whiskey. Whiskey makes me want to drink beer. So, I drank fucking vodka with water and a lime all fucking month. Every now and then I had some red wine as a treat.

Somehow we see a New York Diet in this