Kraft Invites You to Flavor Your Water; Sunday-Brunch Insanity at Prune

• Well, this sounds like something we positively don't need: Liquid water flavoring! It's made by Kraft, but there's no macaroni-and-cheese flavor ... yet. [USAT]

• "Sunday brunch is like the Indy 500 of services at Prune," writes chef-owner Gabrielle Hamilton. Read this account and you'll want to be nicer to your mimosa-slingers. [NYP]

• Teflon might actually be pretty bad for you: Overheated pans have killed household birds, and it can cause "Teflon flu," but certain cooking methods may be safer than others. [Good]

• Stop the presses: Domino's has added boneless chicken wings and "tweaked" its other wings, though this article doesn't really say how. Plus, more dipping sauces! [USAT]

• Freezing temperatures in Sinaloa, Mexico, have devastated crops, including tomatoes, bell peppers, and eggplant and led to higher prices in U.S. grocery stores. [Serious Eats]