Jose Garces Is ‘Distressed’ by U.S. Immigration Policy

Jose Garces
Jose Garces Photo: Collin Keefe

Jose Garces is unhappy with U.S. immigration policy. In a recent piece about the him and his growing empire, Restaurant Hospitality details the Iron Chef’s dedication to his employees, the core of which he says were born in Mexico and other Latin American countries and have been working with him for nine years. Staffers receive full healthcare benefits, and he’s currently developing a retirement plan. As an added perk, they also get a 20 percent discount at his wife’s dental practice. In telling of how one employee nearly died from cancer, because he was afraid of being deported if he sought medical attention, Garces, who was born in Chicago said, “I’m so distressed by this country’s immigration laws.” He’s now working on creating a community center for Mexican immigrants to get health care, nutrition information and learn how to speak English. [Restaurant Hospitality]