Jehangir Mehta of Graffiti Sues Jesús Nuñez of Graffit: He Took My Pop Rocks!


A year after Spanish chef Jesús Nuñez announced that his first New York restaurant would be called Graffit, Jehangir Mehta has filed a lawsuit alleging that the Spanish chef ripped off his own Graffiti Bistro & Bakery. Welcome to America, Jesús! The Post says that one of Mehtas complaints (besides the fact that Nuñez named a New York City restaurant Graffit, for some unfathomable reason) is that he planned to utilize Pop Rocks, an extremely obscure ingredient that Mehta has been known to use. Its the wildest molecular gastronomy slapdown since Marcel poached Wylies egg dish! Maybe Mehta should also sue Graham Elliot Bowles, whos been making foielipops (foie gras + Pop Rocks) for years? Either way, there havent been all that many restaurant rip-off lawsuits, so this should be fun to watch! Mehta wants to ban Nuñez from any trade practices," which means, like, molecular gastronomy? For the record, you can see Graffits menu here (no Pop Rocks, actually) and Graffitis here.

Update #1: Jesús Nuñez on Lawsuit: I Didnt Know Graffiti Existed When I Created Graffit
Update #2: Graffiti Says Graffit Suit Is Simply About the Similarity in the Names