Israeli Gelato Makes Its Way to Borough Park

Screme's gelato.
Screme's gelato. Photo: Screme

Given the glut of Glatt Kosher eateries in Borough Park (Carlos and Gabby’s, anyone?), it’s hard to believe they didn’t have a Kosher gelato shop till this week, but the owner of Ziclick tells us he’s the first. Though there’s no sign of it on Google, Michael (who didn’t want to give a last name) estimates the brand has 68 stores in Israel, including those belonging to “sister” establishment Aldo (the chain that came to Manhattan under the name Screme). We’re not exactly sure how Aldo is related to Ziclick — Michael admits they have different owners, but tells us, “It’s the same stuff.” Okay! This much is certain: Ziclick is open from 9 a.m. till midnight (though the owner says ravenous demand has been keeping him open till 2 a.m.), and it serves 42 flavors of gelato and sorbet. The muffins, cinnamon buns, and cheese Danishes are made by a Manhattan baker who shall also go nameless.

Ziclick, 4909 Thirteenth Ave., Borough Park; 347-533-6815