Ilan Hall Shows His Jazz Hands

Photo: YouTube

Do you have the kinds of friends who love to put you on the spot, telling restaurant hosts it’s your birthday when it’s not, just to watch you cringe when the staff starts singing? Apparently, Ilan Hall has friends like these — a group of associated pranksters has created an entire Facebook page dedicated to fulfilling the Top Chef winner’s supposed dream of going on Dancing with the Stars. The page shows three videos of Hall doing various versions of his dorky white man’s shuffle — he’s got little grace and lots of moxie — even sharing a spazzy little number with a menorah. We have a feeling the chef is happy cooking away from the reality show cameras these days and probably never intended to have his juking and jiving on display until his friends got a hold of his Flip cam. Nonetheless, we present what might be the hot-trotter’s own Swan Lake, wherein Hall dances on the chairs of his own restaurant The Gorbals to the tune “Walking on Broken Glass.” Take a look straight ahead.