Gery Chico Loves Chocolate Cake; Get Married at a McDonald’s in Hong Kong

• When asked what his favorite dessert in the city was, Gery Chico did the romantic thing and picked his wife’s chocolate cake. [Sugar Buzz Chicago]

• McDonald’s in Hong Kong launched a “McWedding” service, where people can marry at the fast-food outlet. Among the keepsakes happy couples retain from their day is a complimentary lingering French-fry smell. [Gothamist]

• Mom was right: A recent National Institute of Health study found that those who ate their fiber lived longer. [WSJ]

• A 20-seat mobile food stand called Singapore Take Out will travel the world hawking that country’s cuisine. Count us in! [Scene Asia/WSJ]

• Evidently chefs lose weight the same way as everybody else: smaller portions, exercise, and “re-engineer[ing]” their palates. Hmmm, okay, that last one’s kind of chef-y. [Food and Wine]