Ed McFarland’s Pizzeria Will be Called Caravelli’s

McFarland's been baking.

When we read the news that Ed McFarland was opening a pizzeria, we wondered whether this could be the same Italian concept he'd mentioned to Grub Street a while back. Turns out it's not: The pizzeria, called Caravelli's, will be a 150-seater in the World Financial Center that will "pop up" around late March on a mere year-long lease, leaving McFarland free to keep scouting for permanent digs. The Ed's Lobster Bar owner tells us the spot will be a "pizzeria meets focacceria," serving sandwiches and thin-crust slices in a casual setting. He's looking forward to the venue's 2,000-square-foot kitchen, a step up from the 400 square feet at Ed's Lobster Bar, which will also give him some extra prep space for the nearby lobster-roll kiosk when that opens back up for the summer. As for the more upscale Italian restaurant, look for that "hopefully this year."